Sales Tax Rate Cards

Print your own sales tax rate cards, for all your business locations, using this handy application. Rates are current as of today’s date. Rates may change at the beginning of the quarter. Click here for a listing of sales tax rate changes in the current quarter.

Select a City and County

Select the county and city (or "Outside City Limits") in which your business is located.

NOTE: We are unable to provide online sales tax rate cards for ambulance districts, fire districts, and other special sales tax districts. Please email us with the name of the town and district where you are located, and we can fax or send you a hard copy of your rate card.

Choose Front or Back

Choose whether you wish to print the first page (the front) of the card, or the second page (the back) of the card. The card prints in LANDSCAPE orientation on your printer. Click here for more information about printing.

Check for Food Tax

Check here if you need a rate card for the sale of Food Items. Need help with food items?

Tips for Printing

Trouble printing? Don't have a printer?

Email for a hard copy of the rate card: Please include a fax number or mailing address along with the city and county where your retail sales occur.